The metastasis suppressor NME1 inhibits melanoma cell motility via direct transcriptional induction of the integrin beta-3 gene

M. Kathryn Leonard, Marián Novak, Devin Snyder, Grace Snow, Nidhi Pamidimukkala, Joseph R. McCorkle, Xiuwei H. Yang, David M. Kaetzel

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Expression of the metastasis suppressor NME1 in melanoma is associated with reduced cellular motility, invasion, and metastasis, but mechanisms underlying these activities are not completely understood. Herein we report a novel mechanism through which NME1 drives formation of large, stable focal adhesions (FAs) in melanoma cells via induction of integrin β3 (ITGβ3), and in one cell line, concomitant suppression of integrin β1 (ITGβ1) transcripts. Forced expression of NME1 resulted in a strong activation of the promoter region (−301 to +13) of the ITGB3 gene. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) analysis revealed the transcriptional induction was associated with direct recruitment of NME1 and an increase in the epigenetic activation mark, acetylation of histone 3 on lysine 27 (H3K27Ac) to a 1 kb stretch of 5’-flanking sequence of the ITGB3 gene. Unexpectedly, NME1 did not affect the amount either ITGβ1 or ITGβ3 proteins were internalized and recycled, processes commonly associated with regulating expression of integrins at the cell surface. The ability of NME1 to suppress motile and invasive phenotypes of melanoma cells was dependent on its induction of ITGβ3. Expression of ITGβ3 mRNA was associated with increased disease-free survival time in melanoma patients of the TCGA collection, consistent with its potential role as an effector of the metastasis suppressor function of NME1. Together, these data indicate metastasis suppressor activity of NME1 in melanoma is mediated by induction of ITGB3 gene transcription, with NME1-driven enrichment of ITGβ3 protein at the cell membrane resulting in attenuated cell motility through the stabilization of large focal adhesions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)85-93
Number of pages9
JournalExperimental Cell Research
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2019

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  • ITGβ3
  • Melanoma
  • Metastasis
  • NME1
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