THE POLSKY FORUM: The Creation of a Vision for the Interior Design Profession in the Year 2010

Ann Whiteside Dickson, Allison Carll White

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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the Polsky Forum was to initiate a dialogue between the three constituency groups in the profession (industry, practice, and education) for the exploration of critical issues related to interior design research and graduate education. The specific objectives of the forum were (1) to formulate a vision for the profession for the year 2010; (2) to recommend a research agenda based on the vision; and (3) to develop strategies for implementing the agenda. FORUM DESIGN: Nominations were sought for participants to address the issues in a forum setting. From over 85 applicants, 15 individuals representing the three constituency groups were selected. Before the forum, participants were given reading materials and brainstorming questions that constituted a framework for initiating discussions regarding research and graduate education. Small group and whole group discussion sessions were employed to facilitate communication. FORUM RESULTS: Discussions initiated die breakdown of communication barriers between the three constituency groups. Consensus was reached regarding a view for the future of the interior design profession. Research and graduate education were considered means by which the profession can document its value to society, empower its members, and ensure long‐term sustainability. The outcomes of the weekend are presented here in the form of a position paper to stimulate further discussion. CONCLUSION: Without graduate education and a strong, ever–expanding knowledge base, interior design may cease to exist as a separate and distinct profession.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalJournal of Interior Design
Issue number2
StatePublished - Sep 1994

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