The positive aspects of a transgender self-identification

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Research to date has primarily focused on health risks, psychopathologies and negative life experiences with little attention to the positive aspects of identifying as transgender. An online survey collected data on self-reports of the positive aspects of a transgender identity (n = 61). Qualitative thematic analysis revealed eight positive identity themes: congruency of self; enhanced interpersonal relationships; personal growth and resiliency; increased empathy; a unique perspective on both sexes; living beyond the sex binary; increased activism; and connection to the GLBTQ communities. These findings are compared to previous research on the positive aspects of gay, lesbian and bisexual identities. The implications of these findings for providing strength-based therapeutic approaches and training counsellors to be culturally competent with transgender-identified clients are discussed.

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JournalPsychology and Sexuality
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StatePublished - May 2011


  • Attirmative therapy
  • Bisexual
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Positive identify
  • Transsexual

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