Thermal properties of Pennsylvania anthracite

Matthew C. Weisenberger, Jordan Burgess, Harold H. Schobert, James C. Hower

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Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity for a suite of Pennsylvania semi-anthracites through meta-anthracites range from 0.20–0.51 W/m·K to 0.15–0.38 mm2/s, respectively. For both parameters, there is little change in the value between the semi-anthracite and the lowest-rank anthracites (Rmax < 5.30%). The thermal conductivity and diffusivity increase sharply with rank increase in the higher-rank anthracites, with the best correlations being with carbon and hydrogen (both on the dry, ash-free basis). While there was an indication that the maceral composition of the studied anthracites influenced the thermal properties, the number of samples was not sufficient to resolve the role of the maceral composition.

Original languageEnglish
Article number117101
StatePublished - Apr 15 2020

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  • Anthracite
  • Coal
  • Macerals
  • Thermal properties

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