Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Policies in Manufacturing Facilities in the Tobacco-Growing State of Kentucky

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Purpose. To assess workplace tobacco use prevention and cessation policies in manufacturing facilities and explore factors associated with tobacco policies and practices in the tobacco-growing state of Kentucky. Design. Cross-sectional, descriptive, correlational design. Setting. Telephone survey of Kentucky manufacturing facilities. Subjects. A total of 437 human resource managers (77% participation rate). Measures. Telephone interviews by trained local health department staff to assess indoor and outdoor smoking policies, sale of cigarettes on company property, and provision of cessation and prevention programs. Results. Nearly seven in 10 manufacturing facilities had a written smoking policy, but only 43% banned indoor smoking. About one-fourth of companies reimbursed for cessation treatment and/or provided cessation resources. Companies with unions were more likely than those without unions to provide cessation resources but were also more likely to allow indoor smoking. Although large companies had more than two and a half times the odds as small companies to have a written smoking policy, they were more likely to allow cigarette sales on company property. Conclusion. Despite the importance of smoke-free policies in the workplace, most manufacturing facilities surveyed allowed indoor smoking and few helped smokers quit. Companies with unions were more likely to cater to their smoking employees. Manufacturing facilities provide an opportunity to protect large numbers of adult workers from the hazards of secondhand smoke and to provide quit assistance for smokers.

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StatePublished - 2004


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