Training guidelines for endovascular ischemic stroke intervention: An international multi-society consensus document

S. D. Lavine, K. Cockroft, B. Hoh, N. Bambakidis, A. A. Khalessi, H. Woo, H. Riina, A. Siddiqui, J. A. Hirsch, W. Chong, H. Rice, J. Wenderoth, P. Mitchell, A. Coulthard, T. J. Signh, C. Phatorous, M. Khangure, P. Klurfan, K. Ter Brugge, D. IancuT. Gunnarsson, O. Jansen, M. Muto, I. Szikora, L. Pierot, P. Brouwer, J. Gralla, S. Renowden, T. Andersson, J. Fiehler, F. Turjman, P. White, A. C. Januel, L. Spelle, Z. Kulcsar, R. Chapot, L. Spelle, A. Biondi, S. Dima, C. Taschner, M. Szajner, A. Krajina, N. Sakai, Y. Matsumaru, S. Yoshimura, M. Ezura, T. Fujinaka, K. Iihara, A. Ishii, T. Higashi, M. Hirohata, A. Hyodo, Y. Ito, M. Kawanishi, H. Kiyosue, E. Kobayashi, S. Kobayashi, N. Kuwayama, Y. Matsumoto, S. Miyachi, Y. Murayama, I. Nagata, I. Nakahara, S. Nemoto, Y. Niimi, H. Oishi, J. Satomi, T. Satow, K. Sugiu, M. Tanaka, T. Terada, H. Yamagami, O. Diaz, P. Lylyk, M. V. Jayaraman, A. Patsalides, C. D. Gandhi, S. K. Lee, T. Abruzzo, B. Albani, S. A. Ansari, A. S. Arthur, B. W. Baxter, K. R. Bulsara, M. Chen, J. E. Delgado Almandoz, J. F. Fraser, D. V. Heck, S. W. Hetts, M. S. Hussain, R. P. Klucznik, T. M. Leslie-Mawzi, W. J. Mack, R. A. McTaggart, P. M. Meyers, J. Mocco, C. J. Prestigiacomo, G. L. Pride, P. A. Rasmussen, R. M. Starke, P. J. Sunenshine, R. W. Tarr, D. F. Frei, M. Ribo, R. G. Nogueira, O. O. Zaidat, T. Jovin, I. Linfante, D. Yavagal, D. Liebeskind, R. Novakovic, S. Pongpech, G. Rodesch, M. Soderman, K. Ter Brugge, A. Taylor, T. Krings, D. Orbach, A. Biondi, L. Picard, D. C. Suh, M. Tanaka, H. Q. Zhang

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We, as a group of international multi-disciplinary NeuroInterventional societies involved in the endovascular management of acute ischemic stroke, have put forth these training guidelines. We believe that a neuroscience background, dedicated neurointerventional training, and stringent peer review and quality assurance processes are critical to ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. Welltrained neurointerventionalists are a critical component of an organized and efficient team needed to deliver clinically effective mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)E31-E34
JournalAmerican Journal of Neuroradiology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2016

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  • Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging
  • Clinical Neurology


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