Trajectory encoding for systems with irregular observations

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A relational modeling framework is presented for representing a class of uncertain hybrid dynamical systems exhibiting delayed, infrequent, and uncertain observations. The model defines ranges of possible state evolution, and consequently the system trajectories corresponding to a given observation sequence are typically nonunique. For monitoring and state estimation, it is infeasible to individually track each of the potentially infinite number of possible trajectories. This paper presents a method of encoding a family of trajectories in a graphical representation. Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of a finite encoding of system trajectories corresponding to received observation sequences.

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StatePublished - Mar 1995

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Acknowledgernenrs-The author thanks Professor Bruce Krogh for his contributionst o this work. This work was funded in part by Rockwell International,t he Ben Franklin PartnershipP rogramo f the Commonwealtho f Pennsylvania, NASA grantN GT-40049,a nd NSF grantE CS-9308737.


  • System theory
  • hybrid dynamical systems
  • irregular observations
  • models
  • state estimation
  • uncertainty

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