TruMatch - A BLAST post-processor that identifies bona fide sequence matches to genome assemblies

Weixi Li, Cathryn J. Rehmeyer, Chuck Staben, Mark L. Farman

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Summary: BLAST is a widely used alignment tool for detecting matches between a query sequence and entries in nucleotide sequence databases. Matches (high-scoring pairs, HSPs) are assigned a score based on alignment length and quality and, by default, are reported with the top-scoring matches listed first. For certain types of searches, however, this method of reporting is not optimal. This is particularly true when searching a genome sequence with a query that was derived from the same genome, or a closely related one. If the genome is complex and the assembly is far from complete, correct matches are often relegated to low positions in the results, where they may be easily overlooked. To rectify this problem, we developed TruMatch - a program that parses standard BLAST outputs and identifies HSPs that involve query segments with unique matches to the assembly. Candidates for bona fide matches between a query sequence and a genome assembly are listed at the top of the TruMatch output.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2097-2098
Number of pages2
Issue number9
StatePublished - May 1 2005

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Thanks to Chris Schardl for his critical review of the manuscript. This work was supported by a subcontract to Chuck Staben from the Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network, 5P20RR016481-03, awarded to Nigel Cooper of the University of Louisville, by the National Center for Research Resources and by a National Science Foundation award, MCB-0135462, to Mark Farman. This is Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station publication #05-12-004.

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