Use of chromium as an animal feed supplement

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The supplementation of chromium in farm livestock is a relatively new phenomenon with actual supplementation of diets occurring only in the 1990s. Currently, there are only four forms of chromium; namely, chromium picolinate (CrPic), chromium propionate (CrProp), chromium methionine (CrMeth), and chromium yeast (CrYst).that are allowed to be fed to farm livestock in North America and each of those forms has certain restrictions. The allowance of supplementation and the particular restrictions are based upon materials submitted by companies to the appropriate review agency. Certain conditions compromise or diminish the Cr status of animals including low availability of Cr from normal feedstuffs and the effect of stress on Cr excretion. Supplementation of young pigs immediately after weaning does not have any uniform effect on either growth measures or on immunocompetence, whereas supplementation of the growing animal has provided some responses of improved feed efficiency and improved muscling. Chromium supplementation of cattle resulted in an increase in insulin on several occasions. Supplementation has not demonstrated improvements in growth measures unless growth is depressed for some reason. Beyond the effects on glucose and insulin, Cr supplementation has clearly affected serum cortisol levels in multiple species.

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