Uterine Corpus Malignancies in Appalachia Kentucky: Incidence, Survival, and Related Health Disparities

Marian Symmes Johnson, Thomas C. Tucker, Quan Chen, Bin Huang, Christopher P. Desimone, Rachel W. Miller, Lauren A. Baldwin, Tricia I. Fredericks, Brian T. Burgess, Frederick R. Ueland

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Objectives Uterine cancer is the nation's most common gynecologic malignancy, but it is understudied in the geographically and socioeconomically diverse state of Kentucky (KY). Our aim was to assess the frequency, distribution, and survival of uterine corpus malignancies in KY, and specifically the differences between Appalachia (AP) and non-Appalachia (NAP) KY. Methods This population-based cohort study used Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results data and the Kentucky Cancer Registry to study uterine corpus malignancy between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2014. The analysis looked at the incidence between diagnoses in AP and NAP. The evaluation criteria included tumor histology (type I, type II, sarcoma, and mixed uterine malignancy), age, race, smoking status, stage at diagnosis, insurance status, and county of residence at diagnosis. Results The overall age-adjusted incidence rate and survival are similar for US and KY populations; however, histologic types and distribution differ. Compared with the United States, the incidence of corpus cancers in KY is higher for type I (P = 0.03), but lower for type II (P = 0.003), sarcoma (P = 0.006), and mixed (P < 0.001). AP KY has a higher incidence of type I (P < 0.0001) and mixed malignancy (P = 0.04), younger age at diagnosis (P < 0.0001), larger non-Hispanic white population (P < 0.0001), fewer smokers (P = 0.002), and more uninsured and Medicaid recipients (P < 0.0001) compared with NAP KY. The hazard ratio for death is similar in AP and NAP KY (0.896; 95% confidence interval 0.795-1.009). Conclusions Type I and mixed uterine corpus cancers have a higher age-adjusted incidence and a younger age at diagnosis in AP compared with NAP KY.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-36
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JournalSouthern Medical Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2020

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