Vapor deposited thin gold coatings for high temperature electrical contacts

Yang Tse Cheng, George Drew, Bryan Gillispie, S. J. Simko, M. C. Militello, R. A. Waldo, C. A. Wong

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Using electron beam evaporation, thin films of Au over Ni and Au over Pd80Ni20 have been deposited on stainless steel and copper alloy substrates for high temperature electrical contact studies. The structure and composition of the films were studied in detail using electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) with sputter depth profiling. The contact properties, such as contact resistance, fretting wear resistance, and thermal stability have been measured. The Ni and Pd80Ni20 layers of about 200 to 300 nm thickness have been shown to be effective in maintaining high temperature stability up to 340°C in air by blocking the diffusion of elements in the substrates to the Au surface. These coatings also show good fretting wear resistance. These desired properties have been achieved with the thickness of the Au, Ni, and Pd80Ni20 layers substantially less than that of the conventional electroplated coatings.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)404-413
Number of pages10
JournalElectrical Contacts, Proceedings of the Annual Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts
StatePublished - 1996
EventProceedings of the 1996 42nd IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts Joint with the 18th International Conference on Electrical Contacts - Chicago, IL, USA
Duration: Sep 16 1996Sep 20 1996

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