Variability in training, practice, and prioritization of services among emergency medicine pharmacists

Jaclyn M. Stoffel, Regan A. Baum, Adam J. Dugan, Abby M. Bailey

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Purpose. The purpose of this survey-based research project is to identify factors, including prior training, institution demographics, and pharmacist prioritization of services that may impact variability in practice among emergency medicine (EM) pharmacists. Methods. An electronic survey was available for 6 weeks. Participants were contacted through professional membership directories. Survey questions addressed EM pharmacist training and institution demographics. Pharmacists were asked to define the frequency with which they performed ASHP-identified best practice services. Results. Responses were received by 208 pharmacists (response rate = 9.4%) who were primarily from academic (48.1%) or community (47.6%) emergency departments (EDs). Pharmacists working in an academic ED were more likely to have EM postgraduate year 2 training (27.8%) compared to a community ED (11.2%) (p = 0.0182). Pharmacists practicing in an academic emergency department (ED) reported participating in traumas, care for boarded patients, and performing scholarly activities more frequently (p < 0.01) and medication reconciliations less frequently (p < 0.01) than those in a community ED. Most EM pharmacists reported postgraduate year 1 training (45.7%) as compared to postgraduate year 2 EM (18.3%) or critical care (13.7%) pharmacy residency training. Conclusion. Institution and ED demographics as well as pharmacist level of training can affect the frequency of services provided in the ED setting.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S15-S20
JournalAmerican Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
StatePublished - Feb 8 2019

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  • survey

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