Varieties of Metalinguistic Negotiation

David Plunkett, Timothy Sundell

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In both co-authored and solo-authored work over the past decade, we have developed the idea of “metalinguistic negotiation”. On our view, metalinguistic negotiation is a type of dispute in which speakers appear to use (rather than explicitly mention) a term in conflicting ways to put forward views about how that very term should be used. In this paper, we explore four possible dimensions of variation among metalinguistic negotiations, and the interactions among those dimensions. These types of variation matter for understanding the nature, and the potential range, of the phenomenon of metalinguistic negotiation. As an illustration of the latter, we argue in our concluding section that understanding the full range of forms that metalinguistic negotiations can take has implications for debates about the “implementation” of conceptual engineering proposals.

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StatePublished - Sep 2023

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  • Conceptual engineering
  • Conceptual ethics
  • Metalinguistic disputes
  • Metalinguistic negotiation
  • Metalinguistic usage

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