Visicalc and Visiplot software routines and the analysis of data routinely encountered in steroid biochemistry

Edward J. Pavlik, Katherine Nelson, John R. van Nagell, Jennifer Christian, Michael B. Hanson, John Bartmas, Elvis S. Donaldson, Daniel E. Kenady

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The use of visiCalc and VisiPlot software routines for performing calculations and graphing of data commonly encountered in steroid biochemistry is described. These software routines have utility and are relatively easy to use, requiring little or no programming experience. Use of these routines is demonstrated in terms of data processing associated with chromatography of receptor preparations and equilibrium binding analyses. The execution of these software routines is rapid and can result in a considerable savings of time and personnel. These and other generically similar software routines should have the greatest utility in laboratories where the experimental design is subject to on-going change.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)393-405
Number of pages13
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 1984

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This work was supported by an American Cancer Society Grant PDT-211 (E.J.P. & J.R.v.N.1 and NIH award HD16087 (E.J.P.) American Cancer Society Professor of Clinical Oncology (J.R.v.N.1 American Cancer Society Junior Faculty Fellow (M.B.H. 6 D.E.K.) All correspondence should be addressed to E.J.P. The authors recognize and appreciate the diligent assistance of Brenda Smitson and Cindi Phillippi in the preparation of this manuscript, as well as the assistance of Cay Ramey Lane in providing illustrations.

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