Work and personal based conflict and advice and knowledge seeking relationships

Joshua E. Marineau, Giuseppe Joe Labianca

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Recent scholarship has found that informal relationships that convey advice and knowledge are critical to how knowledge flows in organizations. Interpersonal conflict, as a prevalent part of organizational life, could have important effects on these knowledge-transmitting relationships. However, current research is unclear on what effect, if any, conflict would have on these relationships. This paper addresses this issue by testing the relationship of personal- and work-related conflict on advice seeking in a mid-sized US firm. Findings demonstrate how conflict might differentially impede or improve knowledge sharing in organizations, and provide evidence on how conflict in work settings might be beneficial.


Conference70th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management - Dare to Care: Passion and Compassion in Management Practice and Research, AOM 2010
CityMontreal, QC


  • Advice-seeking
  • Conflict
  • Knowledge

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  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Industrial relations


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